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DoReMi Family Daycare

Children can greatly benefit from exposure to music in their development. Studies have shown that music increases socialization skills; develops self-expression, releases energy, creates focused attention and teaches children good listening skills. Children who are taught music early on easily develop the skills necessary to prosper throughout their lives. At Do Re Mi Family Day Care we provide a unique music environment where children learn skills and develop strong cognitive connections.

We are proud to offer this rare combination of music education and fun.  Our Day care services are specifically designed for children between two to five years of age as a preparatory program for kindergarten. If you'd like your child to benefit from this unique musical approach to day care we currently have several openings.

The skills your child will learn will foster the self-confidence that will ensure easy adjustment and success in kindergarten and further academic career.  At Do Re Mi Family Day Care we specialize in providing a caring, supportive environment in which your child can flourish.  


Learning Through Music

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Our math curriculum includes number recognition, ordering and grouping skills.  Hands-on practice with patterning helps kids to make sense of the world around them and teaches the foundation of mathematical reasoning. Math lessons include problem-solving games and data collecting activities. We learn geometry while practicing shape construction; we learn computation while baking our favorite cupcake. We reinforce children’s curiosity with observations and questions.



Literacy curriculum focuses on connection between language and literacy.  Lessons are based on four components of early literacy: 

  1. Comprehension and vocabulary.

  2. Phonological awareness. 

  3. Alphabet knowledge.

  4. Concepts about print.

Literacy activities are embedded in play and explicitly taught during short lessons. Children are engaged in structured activities, such as art, music, story time and creative play time.



Science curriculum is aimed to inspire child imagination and provide rudiments of scientific knowledge.  We pay attention to nature in our playground.  We reinforce children’s curiosity through fun tests, art, and discussion, and gradually children begin to understand the excitement of science around them.


Music Together in School

With Music Together, your child's music education will go far beyond singing songs once a week.

As a trained Music Together specialist, I will lead a music classes full of creative research-based music and movement activities. 

From jamming with friends at circle time, to a ritual song to start the day, to using a nature song as part of a science lesson, music becomes a seamless part of classroom life.



Music education is a crucial part of the daily routine.  We devote a lot of time to music lessons.  Music is incorporated in all major activities throughout the day.  We learn through the song. Structured music lessons are divided into two parts:

  1. Music games, rhythmic chants / percussion instruments time.

  2. Songs and dance. As you know music benefits the development of the young brain.  Kids who grow up hearing music, singing songs, and moving to the beat are enjoying a rich sensory environment.  Kids who are actively involved in music, do better in reading and math when they start school; they develop better focus and control  of their bodies; they display excellent social skills and  high  self esteem

Piano Note

Our mission and philosophy

Our Mission
To prepare young children to meet the challenges of the future with a strong foundation in basic preparatory skills, an appreciation of cultural attainment, and the social skills to succeed as well-adjusted young people in their subsequent schooling.

Our Philosophy

  • Music is an integral part of academic success.  Teaching music to young children will boost their confidence and develop their self-esteem. 

  • Providing musical enhancement through a myriad of learning activities that are integrated in daily program. 

  • To develop understanding of cultural diversity in order to encourage open-minded, critical thinking, and problem solving.

  • To merge classical, European-style pedagogical methods with the free-spirited, technology-enhanced American systems. 

  • Clapping hands should be fun, rhythmically-assured clapping hands adds to your child's self-esteem as musical skills develop.

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Meet Anna — Director, Lead Educator, and your child's guide to the academic journey.

  • Over twenty years of experience and holder of a Massachusetts teaching license in the infant, toddler, and preschool disciplines

  • Degree in Music

  • Music Together certified teacher 

  • Newton resident since 1996

  • Mother of two children graduated from Newton Public Schools

  • Certified in CPR and First Aid

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Schedule and Pricing

DoReMi Family Daycare offers homemade meals and healthy snacks, and is a year-round program.
Hours of operation: 8AM–5PM, Monday–Friday

Holidays and Vacation days for the 2023–2024 school year:

Labor Day    09/04/2023

Yom Kippur    09/25/2023

Columbus Day    10/09/2023

Thanksgiving    11/23/2023 – 11/24/2023

Winter Break/New Year's Day    12/25/2023 – 01/01/2024

Reopen    01/02/2024

MLK    01/15/2024

President’s Day    02/19/2024
Patriots Day    04/15/2024

Memorial Day    05/27/2024

Juneteenth    06/19/2024

Independence Day Recess     07/04/2024 – 07/05/2024

Summer Break    08/26/2024 – 08/30/2024


Parents have an option to enroll their child for 2-5 full days a week

with special discounts for siblings.



$100 a day

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Please contact Anna to schedule a tour.

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